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ADM Globera
Community Manager

Inhabitant of GloberaOT
Vocation: Knight
Level: 30

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[#][#][#]~ SPELLS ~[#][#][#]

[RP]LVL 120 = exevo fire con = [10 Explosion Arrows]
[RP]LVL 160 = exevo diamond con = [10 Diamond Arrows]

[#][#][#]~ ITEMS ~[#][#][#]

[NOVO] Explosion Arrow (Atk: 48) 90%Hitchanc (RP120Spell) execo fire con.
[NOVO] Diamond Arrow (Atk: 48) 90%Hitchanc (RP160Spell) execo diamond con.

[ADICIONADO PROTECAO]: Blessed Magic Armor [4%Fisico_8%Death]
[ADICIONADO PROTECAO]: Elite Armor [8%Fisico_4%Death]
[ADICIONADO PROTECAO]: Archers Armor [6%Fisico_4%Death]

28.10.19 02:01:12
Post #23
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